7.2 V 1500mAh CGA-S006 DMW-BMA7 CGR-S006E Kamera Batteri Til Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 FZ8 FZ18 FZ35 FZ28 FZ38 FZ30

7.2 V 1500mAh CGA-S006 DMW-BMA7 CGR-S006E Kamera Batteri Til Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 FZ8 FZ18 FZ35 FZ28 FZ38 FZ30

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Item Specification: Quality Warranty : 12 months Model: CGA-S006 Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage: 7.2V Capacity: 1500 mAh Compatible With: For Panasonic DMC-FZ7 FZ8 FZ18 FZ35 FZ28 FZ38 FZ30 Compatible Model: For Lumix DMC-FZ30-K,DMC-FZ8EF-S,DMC-FZ30-S For Lumix DMC-FZ8EG,DMC-FZ38K,DMC-FZ8EB-S For Lumix DMC-FZ8K,DMC-FZ8,DMC-FZ8S For Lumix DMC-FZ35K,DMC-FZ35,DMC-FZ38 For DMC-FZ28EF-K,DMC-FZ7,DMC-FZ28EF-S For Lumix DMC-FZ28K,DMC-FZ28GK,DMC-FZ30PP For Lumix DMC-FZ50EF,DMC-FZ50S,DMC-FZ28S For Lumix DMC-FZ50EB-S,DMC-FZ28,DMC-FZ50K For Lumix DMC-FZ30GK,DMC-FZ50,DMC-FZ8EB-K For Lumix DMC-FZ18EG-K,DMC-FZ50EB-K,DMC-FZ50EGM For Lumix DMC-FZ7EB-S,DMC-FZ7GK,DMC-FZ18EG-S For Lumix DMC-FZ18GK,DMC-FZ18EG,DMC-FZ7EB-K For Lumix DMC-FZ7BS,DMC-FZ7EG-S,DMC-FZ18EB-K For Lumix DMC-FZ18K,DMC-FZ18,DMC-FZ7BB For Lumix DMC-FZ7-S,DMC-FZ7EF-S,DMC-FZ18S For Lumix DMC-FZ30EG-K,DMC-FZ8GK,DMC-FZ7EF-K For Lumix DMC-FZ7EE-S,DMC-FZ7EG-K,DMC-FZ7-K For Lumix DMC-FZ30BB,DMC-FZ30EE-S,DMC-FZ30EE-K For Lumix DMC-FZ50EE-K,DMC-FZ30EG-S,DMC-FZ30EG For Lumix DMC-FZ30,DMC-FZ7EE-K,DMC-FZ50EE-S Package Included: 1 x CGA-S006 battery ​ Shipping Time Tips: All of package sent by registered mail.with tracking number can follow package statu.it is security of safe freight.Shipping time is about 20--50 days.As a result of various countries' policies and weather and other reasons.sent to diffrent country ,shipping time will be diffrent.Has any questions.please feel free to contact me through ali message.thank you!Feedback: Leave negative feedback is can not solve problem.There are many, more positive ways to phase this about good communication Please sent message to us through www.palace-design.dk.we will try us best to solve your problem.thank you! ​About Taxes: We will try our best to service you.Because custom rules are different in each country, tariffs and excise taxes are not our responsibility and we're not qualified to answer questions on this topic.Please research your country's tariffs and import excise taxes before purchasing..

  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Spænding: 7.2V
  • Nominel Kapacitet: 1500mAh
  • Vægt: 40g
  • Model-Nummer: CGA-S006 DMW-BMA7
  • Anvendelse: Kamera
  • Mærke: Banggood

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